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Entrepreneur, tech freak, revolutionary, investor, fashionista, fighter, fruit lover and general fruitcake from London.
Until I get time to make something of this URL, you can use the links below to see some things I do:

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My Twitter (personal) | Facebook | Zopa | The Minxymoggy Blog | My Vimeo | My YouTube

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LinkedIn Profile | The Next Women | My Slideshare

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#140conf London Meetup | London Fashion Tweet | Tech Couture | Tech Couture TV

Rising Dragon Enterprises Ltd websites:

Minxy's Jewellery | Make Me Sexy | Make Me Beautiful | Diamante Necklaces | Bridal Wedding Tiaras | eBay Outlet | fs.hn

Rising Dragon Feng Shui | Rising Dragon Feng Shui Insights | Rising Dragon Feng Shui Shop | fng.sh

Hair Extensions at Home

MRMedia Ltd websites:

MRMedia Group | Signature Product Photography

The Detox Shop Ltd websites

The Detox Shop | Detox Talk | refr.sh

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Dani's T-Room | TGirl.at | Tech Queens | The Change Agent | Ntwr.kr | Martial Arts Blog

Uni Web Project 1 | Uni Web Project 2 | Uni Web Project 3

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